Monday, July 18, 2016

I Miss the Old Gungor.

Years ago, I came cross the song Beautiful Things. It was an awesome song, and still is today. A few years later I bought the full album, and it remains one of my favorite albums ever. It has such good music, well-written lyrics, overall it was great. Then, I bought their I Am Mountain album. It was different, to say the least. It was much more experimental now. Gone were the "normal" sounding songs and in where the "techno" songs. Also, gone were the worships songs. And in came their new kind of music. Music by Christians. While nothing is wrong with that and in fact I grew to really like it, it just didn't compare to their old stuff. I bought their season pass in hopes that they would return to their roots and write more phenomenal worship songs. Those hopes quickly faded as the first two (of three) albums sounded much more I Am Mountain-esque, and less and less like worship music. Now, they still have one more album coming out soon, but based on the other two, and some of what they have come out to say with what they believe, I have very little hope. 

I miss their old music. Sometimes I'm not really sure where they're heart is at in accordance to God. I remember after buying I Am Mountain, they came out and said that they no longer believed in Creation. Over the next year or so, they would go through a lot of doubt. It saddens my heart. They seemed to have come out of it, however unfortunately (but understandably) they've changed a lot. They seemed to have left the nuances of the Christian faith behind and transformed into some sort of Christian/hipster/new-age kind of faith. It's not up to me to determine whether or not they are saved, but sometimes I wonder.

"We will run to you, we will run to you
Turning from our sin we return to You
Father heal your world, make all things new
Make all things new"

I don't know if I successfully portrayed my message. I miss your old stuff Gungor. 


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