Thursday, January 30, 2014

Have you ever listened to all your music on your iPod and gone down memory lane?

I love too! The only problem is some memories are so strong I can't listen to the song and I'm flooded with memories! Like for example the song Ghosts that We Knew by Mumford and Sons brings back very vivid memories of my trip to visit relatives in Seattle, and Black Ops 2 Zombies! Because of this I end up taking my headphones out because I don't want to cry because I'm missing the old times. Ahhhh, Nostalgia, you strange mysterious beast. Another good example is the song Violin by Amos Lee, throughout the summer I heard this song and had no idea what it was called or who it was by, because I was out swimming listening to Amos Lee Pandora radio station. Ah memories. It's as if songs cling to your memories so you never lose them.


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