Monday, March 31, 2014

Miguel Cabrera makes a lot.

(This isn't my exciting post I was talking about -- I forgot what it was)

Anyway, I don't follow baseball that much, I just occasionally catch a news article or two about the MLB every so often, or I catch a Mariners game on TV when I have nothing else to do. So. Miguel Cabrera makes 29 million a year. 29 million. That calculates to:
-2,416,667 dollars a month.
-80,555 dollars a day (averaging days per month as 30)
-3,356 dollars per hour
-55 dollars a minute, and finally,
- 1 dollar a second.

Wow. That is a lot of money. He could buy 67  xbox game he wants every minute for an hour.... He makes 30k more than the average american income, in one day.


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