Saturday, March 28, 2015

An Idea Beyond Ideas

So the other day I was listening to a song and within the first second of the song I paused it. Why? Did I hate the song? No. In fact it's one of my favorite songs. So why did I stop it then? I just couldn't listen to it, it brought back to many good memories! Within the first second of the song a multitude of memories flooded my brain. So it got me thinking. "Man I want to relive those memories!" So I had a great idea (and I'd pay good money for it too). My idea went like this:
What if we had this Oculus Rift-like screen. So like a ski goggle type mask but with screens, one over both eyes. Like this:
Oculus Rift
Then you would get a cord that connected to your brain somehow (I'm working on that part.) And then the cord would decipher your memories and it could stream through your memories. Then you'd pick a memory to watch, say your trip to Colorado or that math class you took in 7th grade. And you'd re-watch it through your perspective and how it actually happened. You also would plug in earbuds to a jack and then you could hear everything too. Wouldn't that be awesome! I literally would cut out a week and relive an entire trip that'd be so cool. So scientists, if you're reading this, go make this! I'd love this invention.


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