Monday, June 13, 2011

Let's See...

Let's see how many viewers I can get from these countries if I type in keywords, This will go on for at least a week and I will publish a post showing the views of that week:

Chile: NBA

Brazil: Aguinaldo Silva volta a detonar Fiuk

Argentina: Martín Palermo



South Africa: World cup 2010

Phillappines: Rey 'Boom Boom' …

Denmark: CNN er benovet over København

Australia: Emma Watson

Canada: Laura Ziskin

United States: Harrison Ford

Spain: Sara Carbonero

Mexico: Tom Cruise

UK: Pippa Middleton

France: Pub DSK

Ireland: Pippa Middleton

Malaysia: Piala FA 2011

Germany: Judith Rakers


Делегация ХАМАС прибыла в Египет для переговоров с ФАТХ


Let's hope this works!

Thank You Yahoo Search Engine for top searches

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