Thursday, March 6, 2014

Caesar Never Died...

... In Julius Caesar by Shakespeare that is. 

*spoiler* (kind of)
In English class we have to right an essay  on the book Julius Caeser. In that essay we have to make a point that can be easily argued both ways. I went all out. I came up with 3 ideas:

1. Julius Caeser was in on his death the whole time.

2. Julius Caesar faked his death. He pulled in Elvis (I'm not saying Elvis is still alive.)

3. Brutus never felt truely guilty.

I picked number 2. Since it was shot down by my teacher, I decided to post about it on here. 

So, we needed 3 quotes and what u proves so here it is, and you decide if this is enough proof that Caeser faked his death.

Quote/Reason 1 - Caesar's Ghost
Proves - Explains the sightings of Caesar's ghost, it was really Caesar walking around. 

Quote/Reason 2 - The mob of politics surrounded Caesar when they "stabbed" him. 
Proves - They easily could have fake stabbed him and add fake blood around him... This explains why there was blood all over them.

Quote/Reason 3 - THEY TOOK THE BODY.
Proves - Why would they take the body? Where would they put it? They took it to make sure no one checked if he was still breathing (he was...)

So does this prove the Caeser faked his death?


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