Monday, July 18, 2016

I Miss the Old Gungor.

Years ago, I came cross the song Beautiful Things. It was an awesome song, and still is today. A few years later I bought the full album, and it remains one of my favorite albums ever. It has such good music, well-written lyrics, overall it was great. Then, I bought their I Am Mountain album. It was different, to say the least. It was much more experimental now. Gone were the "normal" sounding songs and in where the "techno" songs. Also, gone were the worships songs. And in came their new kind of music. Music by Christians. While nothing is wrong with that and in fact I grew to really like it, it just didn't compare to their old stuff. I bought their season pass in hopes that they would return to their roots and write more phenomenal worship songs. Those hopes quickly faded as the first two (of three) albums sounded much more I Am Mountain-esque, and less and less like worship music. Now, they still have one more album coming out soon, but based on the other two, and some of what they have come out to say with what they believe, I have very little hope. 

I miss their old music. Sometimes I'm not really sure where they're heart is at in accordance to God. I remember after buying I Am Mountain, they came out and said that they no longer believed in Creation. Over the next year or so, they would go through a lot of doubt. It saddens my heart. They seemed to have come out of it, however unfortunately (but understandably) they've changed a lot. They seemed to have left the nuances of the Christian faith behind and transformed into some sort of Christian/hipster/new-age kind of faith. It's not up to me to determine whether or not they are saved, but sometimes I wonder.

"We will run to you, we will run to you
Turning from our sin we return to You
Father heal your world, make all things new
Make all things new"

I don't know if I successfully portrayed my message. I miss your old stuff Gungor. 


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

All Nighter!

... I'm back?

So it's that time of year again. My All Nighter! This year however, I'm doing things a little differently, as I'm not having as concrete as schedule. I will still be watching Treasure Planet at 12:00, but other than that it will be more what I feel like doing rather than something I have already planned.

I might do hourly updates, we'll see, maybe I'll do one grand post at 7:00 or something.

Here we go!

- Ethan

Ranking Mumford's Songs

As I was listening to Mumford and Sons, I became emotional. I longed for the times of yonder.  I missed the old days. So I decide to rank all of Mumford's songs, except for their newest album. Their newest album was not one of my favorites - at all.

So, that was a long while ago (five months actually) and I never got to finishing that post. So here I am now, slightly procrastinating from studying and finally writing this post.

And I wrote that above like a whole other month ago, haha. As you can tell I've been suuuuuuper busy.

1. Hopeless Wanderer

2. The Cave

3. The Boxer (I know, I know)

4. Ghosts That We Knew

5. White Blank Page

6. Dust Bowl Dance

7. Lover's Eyes

8. Reminder

9. Lover of the Light

10. Little Lion Man (my guilty little pleasure)

11.   Roll Away Your Stone (darkness is a hodge turned up to thick)

12. I Will Wait

13. Thistle & Weeds

14. Holland Road

15. Whisper's in the Dark

16. After the Storm

17. Awake My Soul

18. Sigh No More (there is a designer)

19. Winter Winds

20. Babel

21. Without Haste

22. Below My Feet

23. Where Are You Now

24. Broken Crown

25. For Those Below

While doing this, I realized something. Each song has one thing I REALLY like about it. 12-22 are pretty much interchangeable here or there

Friday, January 29, 2016

Nothing But the Blood

This is one of my favorite covers of Nothing But the Blood. Such passion, they are literally singing as loud as they can, giving it all to Him. When you watch them sing, it's just so awe-inspiring to see. While we can worship softly, and that's great too and we definitely should do that too (and some of my favorite worship songs are quite, calm-tempo songs), I love when we worship at the top of our lungs, giving it all to Him. Such raw vocals. Such a beautiful cover.

So good.

It starts at the 4:00 mark

" 'O precious is that flow, 
that makes me white as snow, 
no other fount I know,  
nothing but the blood of Jesus!"


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thank You Jesus

"Grace that flows like a river
Washing over me
Fount of Heaven, love of Christ
Overflow in me

Thank You Jesus
You set me free
Christ my Savior
You rescued me

Take this life delivered
A vessel of Your love
Wholly now devoted
To see Your kingdom come

Thank You Jesus
You set me free
Christ my Savior
You rescued me

You've given me life
You've opened my eyes
I love You Lord
I love You Lord
You've entered my heart
You've set me apart
I love You Lord
I love You Lord"

I love You Lord.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

All I Care About is Jesus

All I care about is Jesus. Sure, I care about school but when I focus on Him a whole different kind of joy is present.  Don't get me wrong I see the importance of school and other things, it is just that my main priority lies within Jesus. Sometimes I wonder why school matters so much. Sometimes I just want to quit school and make my sole focus Jesus. I don't know if I should be posting this, as it may come off as though I am not going to try anymore. That's not true. I will always try hard in what ever I do (do all things for the glory of God), I just sometimes lack the desire in school. Or take football for an example. I love football, it's my favorite sport. Not only have I given up playing football (which is one of the best decisions I have ever made) but I just don't care as much about NFL football as much as I use too. I just want to focus on Him.


Monday, August 31, 2015

Heooooooooon! Freak!

As I sit here studying for a math test, I realized something. I had not written on my blog in over a month. So I said, "Freak!" And I opened up a new page and well, began writing. I would like to apologize to all of my viewers (all 7 of you). With the new Madden and new school year, I have been to busy in the past week, furthermore, prior to that I was gone in the cape and in New Hampshire for two weeks so, you know, I was busy to say the least.