Thursday, February 6, 2014

Flappy Bird

I hate Flappy Bird... Not really, I just find it annoying. This is mainly because... It's to easy to die. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Double Dare Rigged? - The Inside Job

Hi, as you already know I'm Ethan. I was a contestant on Double Dare. Not the TV Show mind you, rather the live show at the Nick Hotel. As you can see below, I have proof.

Now, not to be too full of myself, I am very good at trivia, not because I know a lot of tidbits (I do), but I am very good at guessing what the correct is. Anyway so they would ask a question and we would get the majority of answers correct, with the occasional wrong answer here and there. We also excelled at all the Double Dare Events. By the end of the game, our team was ahead by a lot! But, the other team got the correct answer to last question because it was their turn. And much to my surprise, (as we were up by over 100 points), they won! So they got to do the special end game while we got pied in the face. So in the end this game was rigged to make the game closer than it should have been, and it was a little too obvious, but I guess not obvious for the crowd.