Monday, May 12, 2014

Ranking the Best Song on Babel

A while ago, I was surfing the web for a ranking of the song on Babel. There was no such thing, so I thought, why not create one? So here it goes... I guess

1. Hopeless Wanderer
Before you say anything, haha no. Hopeless Wanderer is the best Mumford and Sons song ever. Every time I listen, it gives me goosebumps. It's a fantastic song, that is known as the banjo song to my brothers. This song is the perfect combination of a sad love song (Reminder) to a upbeat folk tune (I Will Wait). 

'Do not tell me all is fine! When I lose my head I lose my spine.'
Just reading that gives me chills.

2. Ghosts That We Knew
If Hopeless Wanderer didn't exist, this song would be my favorite. I love it. Not only does have a catchy tune, it has wonderful lyricist-ness. (For the record, this one gives me goosebumps too_ 


3. Reminder
Hey! Do you wanna cry? Listen to this song. This is a sorrow full love note the Marcus Mumford has put to music. Before I bought the full album, I bought Ghost That We Knew, Lover's Eyes, and Lover of the Light to join Hopeless Wanderer; I was hesitant at first to buy this song because it was so short (2 minutes) but let me tell you, this song is well worth the 1.29.

'Constant reminder of where I can find her the light that might give up the way'

4. Lover of the Light
Similar to Hopeless Wanderer, this is a sad song for the first little bit, until it picks up turns into one of the best Mumford and Sons songs. Maybe it's because I can imagine very vivid memories because of this song (and a few others on this list) but I really enjoy this song.

'So watch me as I glide, before I tumble'

5. Lover's Eyes
In all honesty, this song and Lover of the Light are interchangeable. Maybe it's because I used to get them confused, maybe it's because I bought them at the same time, maybe it's because I really like both songs. Whatever 

"But do not ask the price I paid,I must live with my quiet rage, Tame the ghosts in my head, That run wild and wish me dead. Should you shake my ash to the wind. Lord, forget all of my sins.

6.  The Boxer [Bonus Track]
This song. Even though it's a cover, I still love it! It's so catchy and me being a musician, of course my favorite part isn't a lyric, it's a note. Yes a note. (Although, the part "Lie/La 40x)" is a good second). I always find myself singing along to this song.

7. I Will Wait
You know, I really don't like this song as much as other people do. It never really clicked for me. I mean I like it, but I don't like it as much as say, any of the songs above. But none the less, still a great song.

'I will wait, I will wait for you'

8. Babel
I like this song, it was one of those songs, I thought I wouldn't like, but did. It's kind of like I Will Wait in that it's all action and no sadness, but yet it's said and action, thus it's a hybrid.
'I cry Babel! Babel! Look at me now
Then the walls of my town, they come crumbling down'

9. Below My Feet
Honestly, I didn't like this song at first. I thought it was too slow, and I didn't like that but I ignore that now and I really like this song. (Mainly because it is so catchy.

10. Holland Road
This song and Babel are very similar in that I didn't think I would like it, but I did. I love the lyrics.

'To your callous mind, and from your corner you rose. To cut me down, you cut me down'

11. Where Are You Now [Bonus Track]
The chorus is catchy, the rest, not so much. But then again I like the song the chorus a lot so...

'Where are you now? Where are you now?

12. Not With Haste
This song is pretty cool in that is was covered by Birdie in the end credits of the Pixar movie Brave. I didn't know that (or rather realize it) until I saw Brave a few months ago after I had already heard Not With Haste. I remember it was weird, I was singing along to the credits and I didn't know where I knew the song from. Also it is very catchy. 

'We will run and play, you will dance with me, They'll fulfill our dreams and we'll be free'

13. Whispers in the Dark
Sadly this song isn't higher on this list, don't get me wrong, it's a great song but it's not as good as the ones above.

'Whispers in the dark. Steal a kiss and you'll break your heart
14. Broken Crown
Great song, bad lyrics.

'I'll never be your broken one'
15. For Those Below [Bonus Track]
I don't like this song. To me, it doesn't sound Mumford and Sons-ish at all.

'For those below'