Thursday, May 31, 2012

Logos Quiz App Level 3 Answers

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Orlando Review


-Nick Hotel-

Overall Rating 5/5 
Comfort 5/5 
(The rooms are spacey, a kitchen, a bathroom, a kids room, a master bedroom, and a TV room.)
Food 3/5 
(The food was OK, this is OK though because since it's in Orlando there is a lot more restaurants to go to.)
Pool Area 5/5 
(The main pool area has 3 big slides and 4 small slides since the slide area has 40 inch minimum even the smallest child can get on. The pool is WARM and big although it can get packed.)
1 Con: Annoying sound byte that goes like this, "Hey Kids, Moms and Dads..."
Other Activities: (Arcade, Game Shows, 4D shows etc.) 5/5 
(The only con for the Arcade is that it's so EXPENSIVE!!!)

Nick Hotel Total Rating 18/20 ★+.5

-Universal Studios-

Overall Rating 5/5 
Rides 5/5 
Line Quickness 
(I had an extreme pass so I basically waited a minimum of no wait to a maximum of 5 minute wait.)
Food 5/5 
(There was so much choices! It ranged from hot dogs to steak.
Atmosphere 5/5 
(The coolest atmosphere was probably Harry Potter.)

Universal Studios Total Rating 25/25 


-The Incredible Hulk-
This ride was awesome, fast-paced, and crazy! Total recommending for people wanting thrill.
Rating: 5/5 

-The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman-
This ride had an interesting story and was quite fun. The coolest part was that it was in 3D.
Rating 5/5 

-Doctor Doom's Fearful-
This was by far one of the rides that surprised me in that I actually enjoyed it. Usually the rides where you go to the top of the tower scare me. That was this kind of ride except for one thing... It shoots you up 40 mph and you can even feel 4 G's! This ride was awesome.
Rating 5/5 

-Dudley Do-Right's Rip Saw Falls-
As all log rides you know your going to get wet maybe even soaked this was one of those rides. But the best part was the ride was long, fast and AWESOME!
Rating 5/5 

-Popeye and Bluto's Bilge-Rat Burgers-
I GOT SOAKED. So soaked that I could have ran into a fire and not gotten burnt! The worst part was the people across from me didn't get a drop of water on them! But this ride was awesome.
Rating 5/5 

-Jurassic Park River Adventure-
As you can tell by the name the theme was awesome! The ride was awesome although since I had already been on it, it was quite predictable for me.
Rating 5/5 

-The Cat in the Hat-
This ride is great for smaller children. This is a retelling of the book, The Cat In The Hat. WARNING: THIS RIDE GET'S REALLY DIZZY AT THE END.
Rating 5/5 

-The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride-
This ride was slow but it had to be sense it was a trolley ride. This ride is great for smaller children. One of the cooler parts is that the trolley went inside the restaurant so you could stare down into the people who were eating. Overall it was cute.
Rating 5/5 

-Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey-
Waiting in the line itself was awesome. You walk through Hogwarts! The ride was amazing!!!!!! (It deserves that many exclamation marks) Words can't describe this ride.
Rating 6/5 ★ (YES)

-Dragon Challenge-
This ride was so quick that I nearly forgot about it! It was fun though. The best part is you could pick which dragon you want.
Rating 5/5 

-Flight of the Hippogriff-
This ride was pretty cool, it was pretty fun!
Rating 5/5 

-Airboat Rides at Midway-

Overall 4.5/5 ★+.5
Visibility (How to Find the actual place) 4/5 
(This place is basically on the side of the highwayish road. The only way you know it's that airboat place is that it has a sign with the name "Airboat Rides at Midway".
Buying Tickets 5/5 
(Although it is quite expensive 200$ for me and 5 others.)
Price 4/5 
(It was expensive but worth the hour to hour and a half tour.)
Tour 5/5 
(The main object of the tour is spotting alligators which you find a lot of. And with the tour guide cracking jokes into free microphone and headsets, the tour is pretty awesome.)

Airboat Rides at Midway Total Rating  18/20 ★+.5

-Waffle House-

Overall 5/5 
Food 5/5 
(The food was yummy! It was hot and was really good.)
Comfort (in seating) 5/5 
(The seats were like all seats at all diners if you know what I mean.)
Space in Restaurant 4/5 
(The restaurant was pretty small! It wasn't bigger than the average Burger King.)
Service 5/5 
(Since the restaurant was so small the waiter/waitress had more time to go to all of their costumers. So in the end you both end up happy.)

Waffle House Total Rating 19/20 ★-.25

In the end Orlando was a great trip. And I hope you liked my review.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I leave for 4 days and I get nearly 25k views?!?!?!? This is crazy!!!! Ok, later I'm going to post a review the places I went to in Orlando. -Ethan