Monday, January 14, 2013

A Heart Breaker in Seattle

What at first looked like a huge turn around for the Seahawks, turned out to be a huge letdown, when Matt Bryant kicked the game winning field goal. As a Seahawks fan, I was sorely depressed. My family was cheering  "we won!" But they had forgotten that there was still 30 seconds left, and a tough Falcons offense. I was worried. The first time in the whole game, in fact. The Seahwks still had 8 seconds left, not enough time. Russell Wilson threw it Doug Baldwin. To far for a field goal. So Russell threw a hail mary. It was caught by a wide receiver. Wrong one. It was caught by Julio Jones.Game over. The cheers of the 12th man was over. But look out next year, Seahawks are on fire, or as some people say, el fuego!