Sunday, November 10, 2013

Call of Duty: Ghosts

I may be one of the first to say this, Call of Duty Ghost is a phenomenal game. I LOVE it. I got it yesterday for my birthday. The campaign is pretty impressive, honestly I think the adding the dog added an emotional thing. Who doesn't love a dog? But, the "being a dog" lacks. It seems lame and usually is hard. The extinction seems way to much like Halo, but... I also haven't played it much, so I probably need to try it out some more. Now the multiplayer is awesome. At first it was very hard for me, I was going 10-40, 9-22, but now after a full day, I go either 9-9 or 25-5 something of that sort. Honestly, I think if Call of Duty (all incarnations), had a game baby with Battlefield 4 they would produce Call of Duty Ghosts.