Friday, January 7, 2011

A Few Drawings I've made recently
Is This Wrong? (above)

Alien Abduction (Above)

Normal/Crazy (above)


I've hit 100 Views!!!! Next Milestone is 500 views. I Hit 100 Views in less then 3-4 days!!! At that rate I'll be at 500 views in 12-16 days! I wonder who made my 100th view? That's something hard to think about! Well now that I have nothing else to write about...

I guess I'll have to say bye!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Writers Block! UGH!

Have YOU heard of "Writers Block? If you haven't here is article courtsey of wikipedia:'s_block Anyway I have writer's block right now. And I've found writing about writers block is the cure of Writers Block! It has worked for me on tons of writing pieces. Like after writing about writers block I wrote a 17 page (still more pages to come) epic novel. Though I have one measly problem, I CAN'T THINK OF A TITLE!! So hopefull if YOU have writer's block I have helped you over come this horrid disease.

(I like this more than the Fondly one)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top 10 thing not to write about.

Well the title says it all, so here it goes.
1. Bananas
2. French Toast
3. Ice Cream
Okay I'm gonna go grab a snack because I just wrote the topics about food...

Okay I'm back and that was some good yogurt. Now back to my topic, "What not to write about"
4. Dust between the keyboard.
Which reminds me... kjjhhhhhhggggdtw. This is not working I should do it later.
5. That zit you popped yesterday.
6. Nothing
7. The Lettuce stuck in your teeth.
8. That Nightmare you had last night (You don't want to scare your viewers.)
9. When I was in...
10. Math Equations.

(Is that to awkward?)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Phone Post

I'm writing on my phone! Isn't that cool? So cross out,
And uncross,
Is that cool or what? No that's not right. Oh I know, Phone Power!
Now to my main topic... Wait! I forgot one! Next time I'm on my phone I'll make sure to think of a topic first.

1st Post YIKES!

Ok.. First post, let's see what am I thinking at this moment? Oh I know I'm thinking "Scared, to write?" no more like, "To tired to write." :D That's what I've been thinking. Phew now that I've got that over I can explain what, The Ethan News is naaa I'll save that for later.
(Is the sign off to Mysterious? Oh well)