Friday, January 23, 2015

Lame Superpowers that are Actually Awesome

Some super powers find themselves being the end of bad jokes. What Super Power do you want? "The ability to be invisible when no ones looking" or, "The ability to turn other trees into Christmas trees" or, "the ability to prevent anyone from outbidding you." All these are those fake super powers that people say trying to be funny. But actually, they are great super powers.

3. The ability to turn other trees into Christmas trees.

At a first glance, this power seem useless. Who needs this power, and why? Well to make millions of course! It never says what type of tree you need to use, and it never says the state of the Christmas tree, so what you do is you plant a bunch of cheap trees (like thousands of trees at a dollar each), and then use your power on the tress to turn them into Christmas trees. Then sell them at 100 dollars near Christmas time.

2. The ability to be invisible when no one is looking.

This power is what got me thinking! At first this one seems completely useless. Who needs to be invisible if no one sees you? But think about! It's perfect! You'll always know when someone is looking at you because you'll be visible! So if you're ever feel like someones watching you, but you're invisible they're not watching you. But if you are visible, they are watching you.

3. The ability to prevent anyone from outbidding you.

This power seems super lame at first glance because we all have this power. Who says you can't stop bidding. But actually this power means that once you bid, no one else can bid. So go to those really cheap bids on Madden or eBay or another bidding place and bid those 1 cent bids. It's perfect, you'll get everything for 1 cent! And if you wanted to, you could resell it for millions!

Hopefully you all have learned that even some of the lamest powers are actually pretty cool