Thursday, March 14, 2013

Top NFL Franchises: (29-25)

29. The Cardinals- Yes they had an awesome run to the Super Bowl in 2008 but before that, they hadn't won a playoff game in years.

28. Lions - The Lions have never been to a Super Bowl, they also happen to have the worst NFL record in history, 0-16. Even when they had Barry Sanders, they still couldn't make it to s Super Bowl.

27. The Chiefs - The Chiefs did go to Super Bowls, but that was at the beginning of the Super Bowl era, they stink.

26. The Panthers - The Panthers have had some good runs, including the NFC Conference championship game in 2005. But they've never been to a Super Bowl.

25. The Saints - I hate to say it, mainly because the Saints are good now, but before Drew Brees, the Saints stunk. Don't need to venture any farther, they stink.

Next Week: 24-20