Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Disneyland Overview


Space Mountain: One word. Awesome. So much fun! All in the dark. Recommended ride! If you go to Disneyland, you should totally get the fast pass for it.

Star Tours: If you want to go on it make sure you get to the park at 8:00 AM and run like it's no tomorrow to the fast pass distribution machine. If you decide to wait in the atrocious line then be prepared for disappointment. Although it's apparently different every time it's not worth the wait and is only 2 minutes ride.

Storybook Land: I only went on it because I was mainly forced to go on the ride. But let me tell you I actually enjoyed it. It was really... Well cute.

Pirates of the Caribbean: It was the same as I it was 2 years ago... Long and kind of boring but overall enjoyable.

Splash Mountain: It has a different riding set-up than in Disney World but I still loved it as usual. Sadly I forgot that the biggest splash was in the front, so I sat in the back thinking I was going to get splashed. :(. And I messed up the picture.

-Rides that shutdown while in line-

Thunder Railroad Mountain Ride: It literally broke down right when I was about to leave the station! Really? And they didn't give us fast passes! We we're on the RIDE!!!

Matterhorn: We were like 2 carts from getting on when it broke down! Really? The most annoying part was the people on the ride got fast passes.


Blue Boyage (Or what ever the Pirates of Caribbean Restaurants.): 3 things:
1. Expensive
2. Small Menu
3 Really cool atmosphere.
The food was very expensive, the lowest price for the adult menu was around 27 dollars. It only had around 5 items for the whole menu. And the atmosphere was awesome, it made you feel like you were back in pirate times.

-Overall Disneyland-

Overall it was a fun enjoyment, but I felt ripped off when they didn't give me a fast pass when Thunder Mountain broke down. I just wish they would check the rides more frequently so they wouldn't always break down. If you go, I hope you enjoy it!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back from California!!!

Sorry I haven't posted in so long I was California for 10 days. So much fun! So hot! I miss it already! Later today (maybe tomorrow, no PROBABLY tomorrow) I'm going to post reviews of the Disneyland rides and park overall.