Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tomorrowland Review

I saw Tomorrowland over the weekend. Before I saw it, I decided to go to the IMDB page to see what people had thought about it. A lot of people said it was OK. This worried me a little as the movie looked really good and I was looking forward to seeing it. So going into the movie I had an open mind, but the thoughts of it being mediocre where still laying somewhere in my brain. As I watched movie I enjoyed it. I personally am really interested in 50's culture. So to see Tomorrowland (briefly, which is what I'll expand on later) and to see the actual park in "the 50's" was pretty cool. Going on I thought it was an interesting plot (a female lead is given a pin that gives her a glimpse into a perfect world, but she is being chased by robot figures who are trying to stop her.) It was really weird why she liked it. She liked it because the world was being destroyed and humanity was not stopping it. Throughout the entire movie I felt this weird vibe that it was like a "world is ending, save it now" PSA and SPOILER'S FROM HERE ON OUT: is basically how it ended, them "saving the world with positive thoughts". Furthermore they were rarely in Tomorrowland at all. A brief two minutes when Tomorrowland was in it's prime and about ten minutes in deserted, dirty, abandoned Tomorrowland. It's like paying for a demo. Also these robot animations just killed characters and the movie just glanced over it like it was nothing and used it more as a comedic track rather... ugh. Finally, as cheesy as it gets, they sent off Athena 2.0's in to the world to find more "dreamers" and it just got more and more cheesy as the film went on. So yeah.. Overall I gave it a 7 star rating. Good plot, but some bad result.