Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Pranks

It's April Fools!! I've got some good pranks coming up!

1. Chunk of Toothbrushes!

Stuff you need:
Your families toothbrushes (including yours- you don't want to get caught!)
a paper cup

Step 1. Get the cup and fill it with water
Step 2. Put the toothbrushes in the water
Step 3. Put the toothbrushes and cup in the freezer.
Step 4. wait 4-5 hours and vualla! You have Chunk of Toothbrushes!

2. Post-it Note Message

Stuff you need:
post-it note

Step 1. Write something on the post-it note like "Kick me" or "I have lice"
Step 2. Put the post-it note on to someones back by patting them on the back and saying "What's up buddy?"
Step 3. Watch as people notice the post-it note.

3.Non-Usable Mouse
Stuff you need:
post-it note

Step 1. Write "Got You!" on the post it note.
Step 2. Put the post it note under the mouse so the mouse doesn't work
Step 3. Watch as people try to use the mouse and it doesn't work.
Step 4. Then watch as people try to fix the mouse and see the message.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

View Boost!

I was looking at my view stats and there was a big boost in my views! By the way I have a total of 481 views!
Well now that I look at it that was a quick post!