Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Controversial Catch? Nope, Controversial Game.

On Monday night, America exploded. The Seahawks had won, in a so called "The Worst Call in the History of America!" Guess what? The whole game was controversial! There was over 30 penalties. 10 of which could have cost the Seahawks the game. For example, Brandon Browner, was called for a PI even though he didn't even touch the receiver until after the ball had touched him for at least a second. That led to the Packers scoring! With out all the bad calls The Seahawks would have still won, 7-6. Either way the officiating was horrible for the whole game, not just one play. I seriously wish the could redo the whole game.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

What Never to Do:

Never try to kick a soccer bowl as hard as possible, miss it, and the smash the floor as hard a possible with the toe you tried to hit the ball with.  It hurt really bad. I might have to have my toe nail taken out, or it just might be broken.