Monday, October 22, 2012

Fight and Freedom For The Future

For Language Arts, I had to write a 5 page short story on anything I wanted so today I've decided to share it with you.

Fight and Freedom for the Future

Shaun had always wondered if there had been more to life than just endless repetition day by day, night by night. He lived in Seattle, Washington. One day after school, he was searching for a good book to read in his basement. After searching for a few minutes he gave up and went to go upstairs. While he was running he stubbed his toe and knocked over a few boxes.To his delight he found something to read. It was just a piece of paper, but that is all that was needed to change his way of thinking. He picked up the parchment and read aloud to himself,
He stopped reading. “Well this sounds nothing like what we have in America...” He told himself. He looked on the back, “The Bill of Rights. Copyright 2073 ©  Pearson Education. All rights reserved” He read. He continued reading the info blurb below, “the bill of rights is the way America was held together. Signed in 1789 by many who are considered “The Founders of America” He finished. “What is this?” He asked himself. He ran up the stairs, his mind full of unanswered questions. Once he was upstairs he took a left and ran to the office nearly slipping because of his burning  curiosity. He reached the office puffing and huffing. He sat down, placed the parchment down, and looked into the vast dimensions of his computer. “What is the Bill of Rights” he began to type.
“Buzzsh Buzzsh” Went the hourly alarm that prevented him from doing much of anything because he had to line up for his hourly inspection outside.
“Guess it’s going to have to wait.” He told himself. He ran out of the office, outside and got in line for his “necessary”  inspection. Oh no! He had forgotten about his toe. He had stubbed it , back in the basement. If one of the inspectors had seen it, he would need to go into a “necessary” healing. “Necessary” healing was anything but that. He would be shipped off into a bunker, he then would wait a few days for “proper evaluation”. To him it made sense if you had broken a bone or punctured a lung but not if you had just cut yourself or stubbed your toe! He quickly cringed his toes together in his shoe so his big toe didn’t look at all stubbed. He could hear them now. They had just finished the person next to him, it was his turn now.
“Hello Shaun,” one of them said. “Have you suffered any injuries lately?” the other continued.
“No.” He said, hoping they hadn’t noticed his toe.
“Well you look fine to us so you’ve passed.” They said in unision. After they were out of earshot he sighed with a sigh of relief. He ran back into his house eager to find results. Luckily he wouldn’t be interrupted any longer, since it was near dinner time, the next inspection wouldn’t be for another four hours; “The Bedtime Inspection”, he had called it. Once in was in the office he wondered what he would find out about this mysterious “Bill of Rights”. Since is awaiting search was still in the search box, all he to do was click the search button. Right as it loaded the window closed, and he somehow was logged off. “What?” He yelled in confusion. “Why would it shut down like that?” He thought to himself.
“This a Mac 789 Pro Bison, it is supposed to have the best of everything, and definitely isn't supposed to shut down!” He told himself. “Well whatever this “Bill of Rights” is, somebody really doesn’t want me knowing about it.” He convinced himself
He woke up, he yawned as he stretched. He got out of bed and scratched his head. “What is that Bill of Rights about?” He asked himself for the umptenth time. He looked over at the clock on his nightstand next to the parchment. “7:30” It read.
“An hour ‘till inspection.” He mumbled to himself.  Somehow he could smell bacon from his room. He galloped down the stairs as if he was following the scent.
“Mom, is the bacon ready yet?” He asked her, anxious for an answer.
“Sorry, honey only a few more minutes.” She said flipping the bacon.
“OK” He said, he was secretly happy because he could get straight to work. He ran into the office. He picked up his iPhone 500 and opened up the MindChat™ app where he could chat with his mind. He added all of his closest  friends to a chat session. “Guys,” he thought. “Last night, I stubbed my toe, it knocked over a few boxes and I found this parchment that stated that America was a free country and we all deserve free speech and stuff, the weird part was, it mentioned that it was from 2073, 20 years before the creation of America. Can you come over so we can talk about it?” He continued in his thoughts. He watched the loading bar as it was being sent to his friends. “What is this all about?” He thought.
“Honey, bacon’s ready.” His mom said, interrupting his thoughts.
“Oh boy. I love bacon!” He replied in excitement. His mom brought over the his bacon and placed it in front of him as he sat down.
“Thanks Mom! By the way, where’s Dad?” He asked, ready to inhale his bacon.
“Your welcome, Dad’s on another long business trip he won’t be back for a week.” She replied.
As Shaun was inhaling his bacon, his iPhone went, “BEEP, BEEP”. He rushed into the office, “What had they said?” he thought to himself.  He looked at his phone, “1 NEW MESSAGE,  Missy Shulps, Replied to ALL: Wow sounds crazy! Here let’s all meet at my house after inspection to discuss.” He walked out of the office and went into the kitchen to finish his bacon.
“So Mom, after inspection, I’m going to Missy Shulps with a few friends, is that OK?” I asked her, sincerely hoping she would say yes.
“OK honey, just remember to be home before the lunch inspection!” She replied.
“Thanks mom, love you!” He said. He walked into the office and opened the MindChat™ app. He set up a reply all and thought, “OK, guys I can make it to Missy’s house. Please come.” He sent the message right as heard “Buzzsh Buzzsh”.
“Honey, inspection time. Yippie” His Mom said sarcastically. They both walked out the door ready for another annoying inspection.
He thought to himself as he walked towards Missy’s house. Luckily his toe wasn’t an issue during the inspection. He looked up.
“Wow!” He said to himself. He had nearly tripped on Missy’s stairs because he was so deep in thought. He walked up the stairs and knocked on the door. He was about knock again when the door opened.
“Shaun! I thought you would never come.” She said as she motioned him inside.  “So, this “Bill of Rights” thing if it’s true than the government has been lying for years!” She said her eyes wide open.
“Yeah I hope we can get this out to the public.” He said as the walked down the stairs into the basement to meet up with everybody else.
Right when he got down the stairs his friend Tanner showed up and said “So Shaun, is it true? This “Bill of Rights?”
“Yep” He said in repetition.  He sat down next to Missy, brushing against her blond hair.
“I was thinking we can get the truth out by yelling about it at the next inspection. Everyone seemed to agree except for a few who walked up the stairs and left.
“Well I guess they don’t want to join in” He said chuckling. “As I was saying we’re going to shout out at the next inspection, and try to gain attention about this “Bill of Rights”, hopefully we can spread it just enough so that people begin to wonder and ask the government questions.
“What if it doesn’t work?” Charlie, one of his friends from school asked as he brushed his black hair away from his face.
“It will, don’t worry.” Shaun said in confidence. The rest of the meeting flew by like an airplane at full speed. Only one other person left, Charlie. Shaun ran up the stairs saying bye to everyone. When he got outside he checked his watch. 11:55! 5 minutes until the Lunch Inspection! He ran faster now almost tripping because of his condition of flat feet causing his feet to slant inward. Just as he got home the bell went off, “Buzzsh Buzzsh!” it went.
Suddenly, he got butterflies in his stomach. This was it, the moment of truth.
“What?” she mouthed to him. He waited, no one had followed up, then he heard it.
“THE GOVERNMENT...” One of his friends began to yell. This is how it went for the rest of inspection. He walked into his house as his mom closed the door.
“What was that all about?” She said, obviously angry. “I might never see you again. The government might take you away.”
“I don’t know Mom, I needed to do this.”  He said.
“Fine, but I just wanna say, if you get locked up, I told you so.”  She said with a hint of humor. It was a miracle how is mom always seemed to change emotions so quickly.
Shaun woke up to the sound of people yelling.
“The government has fallen!” “They’ve lied to us for years.” “No more inspections!” “They’re reinstating the Bill of Rights!” It went on and on and on. Apparently overnight somehow a lot of people had found out and overthrew the government! It had worked! As Shaun went back to sleep he had a smile on his face.

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