Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Doug Baldwin: What the Heck?

What the heck happened to Doug Baldwin? He went from this classy guy who was the underdog everyone was rooting for to this self-proclaimed "underrated nobody" who let stardom and success go to his heart. That's harsh to say, and definitely something I never thought I would say. But, it has become true. I remember when he blocked the punt against the Rams back in 2011 he became my favorite player, I don't know why but he did. Maybe because just how much I respected his trying. The next year he got a Facebook, and was a legit guy. I remember he would reply to Facebook posts on his wall, and Facebook messages. He replied to a few of mine and I respected him for that. Also he used his Facebook to proclaim the great love of the Lord. Which is super cool. Now move on to a few weeks ago, after the NFC Championship game. He had this huge (unnecessary) rant about how he was "f***** underrated, and how people should stop treating the WR core like s***". Not only does that not sound like the loving Christian that was so awesomely portrayed the year prior, it made him look idiotic. No one was calling the Seahawks WR core horribly bad. And if they were, don't go on some lame rant, prove it on the field. Fast forward two weeks to the Super Bowl. Chris Matthews surely played well above his expectations, just proving you don't need to go on a rant about it. Then Doug had the real dagger through his case of being a cocky guy. When he scored he pooped out the ball, mimicking Randy Moss infamous mooning. Not only did this cause a penalty, it showed how immature and un-classy he had become. Doug if you're reading this, stop with this underrated boloney. You're as good as you play so prove it by playing good not by saying random, hate filled rants. I miss the old guy who was so nice and genuine. It's getting harder to defend you and your actions.


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