Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pete Carroll Made the Correct Call.

Much to my dismay as a Seahawks fan, the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl in a heartbreaker. On the one, they had two options run the ball up the middle or throw a pass for a TD. About everyone would pick choice A. With Marshawn Lynch the best ground and pound running back in the NFL, it looks like a guaranteed Touchdown. But it wasn't nothing is every guaranteed in the NFL. From the one yard line Marshawn Lynch has scored 1-5 times, that's not a comforting stat. Furthermore, if Marshawn does not make it, the clock continues to run down. Here's how it looks in this useful diagram:
Click on picture to view fully if you can't.
Unfortunately, it didn't work out as planned.

In that being said, the slant passing call was a bad idea. They should have ran a Play Action pass and then rollout to the right, and throw it to the TE, or throw it away, or rush a TD. All in all it's just a game.


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